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Hebei Xinghua Casting Co., Ltd.,

professional manufacturer and retailer producing various cast iron drain pipes

Hebei Xinghua Casting Co., Ltd., a professional manufacturer and retailer producing various cast iron drain pipes, pipe fittings and accessories, partial parts for export machinery and other series of products, has more than twenty years of professional production and sales history. The company has self-support import and export rights, is a member of World Plumbing Council, an executive director of water supply & drainage equipment branch of China Construction Metal Structure Association and a unit participating in compilation of many national building drainage product standards, and has obtained ISO9001-2008 Quality Management System certification.

The company totally has more than 2,000 kinds of products such as W type, W1 type, A type and B type series cast iron drain pipes and pipe fittings, various stainless steel flexible hoops, various rain strainers and rain pipes, special single vertical pipe fittings, drain pipe fittings and accessories of the same floor, various floor drains, various pipe elevators, various plastic coated composite cast iron pipes and pipe fittings, and various non-standard pipe fittings and combined pipes, falling into 14 series, and can produce more than 20,000 tons of centrifugal cast pipes, pipe fittings and various castings annually, machine more than 2,000,000 special stainless steel pipe hoops for drain pipes and pipe installation hardware products, and machine and export more than 2,000,000 various machine parts.


The company is located in No.368, Hualong Road, Ansu Town, Xushui County, Hebei Province, at the junction of Beijing-Shenzhen Expressway and Tianjin-Baoding Expressway and only one-hour’s drive away from Beijing, enjoying convenient transportation. It covers a floor area of more than 60,000m2 and a building area of more than 25,000m2, and has the fixed assets and working capital investment of more than 50 million yuan, more than 300 sets of machining equipment such as various melting equipment, centrifugal casting equipment, pipe fitting casting equipment, spray painting production lines, plastic painting production lines, casting post-treatment production lines, hardware machining equipment and various CNC machining centers, more than 3,000 sets of various model molds and machining tools, and more than 80 sets of various advanced inspection or testing equipment such as three-coordinate measuring machines, spectrum analyzers and microcomputer-controlled electronic universal testing machines.

The company now has more than 500 employees including 85 professional managers and technicians, and has stronger strength of management and product technology development. It has formed a complete set of management system such as raw material purchase and supply, new product development, production technology management, product quality inspection and after-sales services.

Over the past twenty years, we have modeled Xinghua cast pipes and pipe fittings into domestic first-class brand products in the corporate philosophy of “Precision Management, Quality Oriented, Technical Innovation, Sincere Service”, and have successively become a designated producer and supplier for 2008 Beijing Olympics Major Project and many nationwide famous construction projects. Our product quality and services are highly praised by customers. During 2009-2012, the company won a Prize for the Outstanding Contribution to National Building Water Supply and Drainage Industry and the award of “Industry Brand”, and was awarded “Second-term Advanced Group of China Construction Metal Structure Association”.


Project Performances

Over the past twenty years, we have made outstanding achievements from thousands of national, provincial and municipal level key projects, including the key project of the Beijing Olympic Games, T3 of Beijing Airport, the National Grand Theater, Beijing Asian Games Village, Beijing Yintai Center, Traders Hotel and so on. The company was named “2009-2012 famous brand and outstanding contribution enterprise in the national building water supply and drainage industry.

The company has obtained more than 20 national invention patents and utility model patents

The company has participated in the drafting of more than 20 national and industry standards


As a corporate member of the World Water Works Association, we actively participate in the promotional campaign on the International Building Water Supply and Drainage Day sponsored by the World Water Works Association

We advocate the concept of energy conservation, environmental protection, water conservation, and health

We have established close working relationships with universities, research institutions and professional associations.

Through independent research and development, and efforts in innovation, we maintain the core competitiveness of the company

Technical strength

have successively become a designated producer and supplier for 2008 Beijing Olympics Major Project and many nationwide famous construction projects


Company environment


Testing equipment


Production equipment

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